Finding the questions to progress

MONITOR “How am I progressing?” Create windows into your process.   Make access panels for trusted sources to speak into you.  Establish Checkpoints, Check-ins, Relay stations, and Service stops with peers and mentors.  Does this sound like something you’d use for construction? Yes? Then why would your life need anything less.  This is not maintenance for […]

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Finding the questions to requirements

REQUIRED “Where am I needed?” The original spelling for Choir is “Q-U-I-R-E.” The definition of quire is a set of four papers folded to form 16 pages bound together (much like a pamphlet).  The definition for “quire” is synonymous with “choir” which means a division of one.  The best practice however is in the binding […]

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Perfect Attendance

Devotion “And the Lord God commanded the man, saying, ‘Of every tree of the garden you may freely eat.” *MRP: Bible ~ Gen. 2:15,16 <<SCRIPT The place of cultivation is a place of provision. <<OBSERVATION The place set apart also has the commanded blessing to freely partake, which comes when Adam tends (cultivates) and keeps […]

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Finding the questions to discovery

FIND “What am I discovering?” Discover means to uncover what always existed but may not have been known.  As you make a find, you can invent something no one has made.  Think about it, you can be the first to invent something from what is “uncovered”. When you discover anything, especially things about yourself, you […]

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